The Roots Executive Producing TV Version Of “Rap Yearbook”

July 30, 2017 - Newsfeed
The Roots Executive Producing TV Version Of “Rap Yearbook”

Black Thought and Questlove are teaming up to create a new documentary series on hip-hop with AMC.

AMC is producing a series documentaries focusing on telling untold stories from a variety genres.

One those happens to be hip-hop, and Black Thought and Questlove will executive produce a documentary series called “AMC Visionairies: Rap Yearbook.”

Questlove and Black Thought are working with Oscar/Emmy Award winning producer Alex Gibney to make a six-part series exploring Hip-Hop.

The series will be based on Shea Serrano’s New York Times best-selling book “The Rap Yearbook.”

Each episode is centered on the story one key song and features a special guest MC as well as a select group core contributors including legendary rap artists, acclaimed music experts and other fresh voices.

According to producers: “It’s a multi-layered exploration what was going on in the streets, on the airwaves, and in the lives the people who created the songs that made hip-hop one the most important music genres in the world.”

“AMC Visionairies: Rap Yearbook” will premiere sometime in 2018.

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