Vic Mensa on R. Kelly’s ‘Sex Cult’ Scandal: ‘He Needs to Be Locked Away Forever’ [VIDEO]

July 30, 2017 - Newsfeed
Vic Mensa on R. Kelly’s ‘Sex Cult’ Scandal: ‘He Needs to Be Locked Away Forever’ [VIDEO]

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Recent allegations R. Kelly holding women against their will in a purported sex cult has garnered mixed reactions from fans and celebrities alike. One person who is not a fan the R&B veteran is Vic Mensa.

Mensa, who is also from Kelly’s hometown Chicago, was asked about the singer’s alleged sex cult scandal and he didn’t bite his tongue. “F— R. Kelly…he’s] a scumbag,” he said matter–factly to a TMZ cameraman. “He’s] a very dirty man and he needs to be locked away forever.”

Mensa’s views on R. Kelly is the total opposite how John Singleton sees the singer’s situation. In talking with TMZ last week, the Boyz N the Hood director said he doesn’t believe Kelly is holding the women against their will but simply has a stable women.

“He has a bunch girlfriends. A lot people have a bunch girlfriends,” he said. “The women that he’s with are adult women and they made the decision to be with him. They know what they’re getting into, so I don’t see what the controversy is really about.”

Despite the allegations, R. Kelly continued his summer tour over the weekend. Although the Grammy-winning singer was late he did performed his scheduled concert in Virginia Beach, Va., on Friday (July 28). The show got a little raunchy with Kells allowing a woman to wipe his body with a towel and then telling her to grab his crotch.

In the meantime, R. Kelly has hired Monique Pressley to help him fight against the allegations. Pressley was a former lawyer Bill Cosby but left his legal team in August 2016.

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