​Goldie: “Gentrification has fucked clubbing”

July 31, 2017 - Uncategorised
​Goldie: “Gentrification has fucked clubbing”

Drum ‘n’ bass innovator Goldie says gentrification has ruined clubbing and “there’s something very wrong with the system.”

In an interview with , discussing the most memorable club nights his career, the UK producer and actor shared his opinion on the current state club culture.

On the subject having less freedoms when going to a club today, Goldie said: “They’re all gentrified. Gentrification has fucked clubbing. If you’ve got to get searched with someone’s finger up your arse to search for a pill just so you can go and see some live music, there’s something very wrong with the system. Because the last time I checked, this wasn’t an airport.”

Goldie added that his top clubbing moments were in the 90s, when he was performing at venues like The Blue Note in East London, a jungle club night in Wolverhampton and Rage, among others.

Watch Goldie’s recent session in The Lab LDN .

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