Hip Hop Week In Review: Meek Mill, Rick Ross & Vic Mensa

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Hip Hop Week In Review: Meek Mill, Rick Ross & Vic Mensa

HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, Meek Mill released a song dissing Drake, while Trick Daddy attempted to ban Meek from Miami. Rick Ross stopped by The Breakfast Club on Monday (July 25) and explained why he’d never sign a female rapper, but quickly issued an apology. We also got an early release Vic Mensa’s album, The Autobiography.

Meek Mill Halts Winning Streak With Drake Diss

Meek Mill recently exhibited some growth after his beef with Drake and break up with Nicki Minaj, but shortly after the release Wins & Losses, a radio edit the song “1942 Flow” included a diss at Drake. It’s unsure if the clean version the song was supposed to be released with the diss included, considering his newfound maturity. He recently squashed his beef with 50 Cent as well.

Evidently, Trick Daddy doesn’t care about any that and he’s revoked Meek’s Miami pass after some remarks he made about Cuban links and yachts during an interview.

Needless to say, Meek doesn’t really care what Trick has to say.

Read more about Meek’s recent string wins and losses here.

Rick Ross Admits He’d Expect Sex If He Signed A Woman

Rick Ross admitted he’d never sign a female rapper because he’d eventually want to “fuck a couple times.”

The fensive comments made during The Breakfast Club interview came with major backlash and prompted an editorial on the subject by HipHopDX’s Kyle Eustice. Interestingly enough, Ross issued an apology for the comments on Thursday (July 27) Facebook.

Read Rozay’s apology here.

Vic Mensa Drops “The Autobiography”

Vic Mensa gave fans an early release The Autobiography July 20 after employing a scavenger hunt for the project in Chicago book stores.

The Autobiography includes 13 tracks and two bonus cuts. A Lil Yachty diss JAY-Z possibly convinced Mensa to take f didn’t make the album.

“He told me something that was a really good piece advice for me to grow from,” Vic revealed. “He told me, ‘Do you, but what you’re doing won’t work out in your favor because your heart is not in it.’”

Stream The Autobiography here.

DXclusives: N.O.R.E., Twista & SoundCloud’s Salvation

N.O.R.E. chopped it up with DX’s Kyle Eustice about the upcoming season Drink Champs and named some his favorite highlights, which included KRS-One drinking lots Mai Tais, 50 Cent getting drunk, Snoop Dogg hot boxing the studio and the unedited conversation with Diddy.

“The guy’s worth a billion dollars, so the things that we were talking about wasn’t proper, but we didn’t care — we went there,” he explained. “If we ever could release the unedited version the Puff Daddy, man … it was hard, it was gangster.”

DX’s Alex Bell also caught up with Twista while out eating at a “bougie” restaurant in Brooklyn. They talk about an array topics, including fame. According to the Chicago MC, fame is easier to attain today than it was back in the day and everyone wants it.

“Fame back then used to come from some form talent,” Twista said. “You had to be a great comedian, a great dancer, rapping, singing, shit — the spelling bee. Now, people that are less talented can upload their shit right on the computer and get fame. Fame used to be at the hands people who are talented, and through technology fame came to people that didn’t necessarily have that. Shit, people who are talented can’t even handle fame, so imagine someone who don’t got the talent!”

DX Editor-in-Chief Trent Clark, and DX writers Scott Glaysher, Marcel Williams, Dana Scott and Andrew Gretchko revisited the history illegal music downloading platforms. The music industry was shook when Napster showed up in the early ’90s and changed the game forever.

From LimeWire to MegaUpload, these are the platforms that paved the way for SoundCloud.

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