Major Lazer drops "Sua Cara" music video

July 31, 2017 - Uncategorised
Major Lazer drops "Sua Cara" music video

If Know No Better EP piqued listeners’ collective tastes for the exotic, the tropical trio’s long teased ficial music video for “Sua Cara” satiates the hunger inspired by the EP .

Major Lazer has lent Sunday some uncharacteristic spice, dropping a sultry visual for the track whose featured artists, Anitta and Pabllo Vittar, appear alongside Major Lazer frontman, , in the Sahara Desert. Clad in harem garb, Anitta commands the camera’s focus as she ornaments the desert dunes, her body chains keeping time with the song’s samba rhythm; Diplo looks on demurely from his perch atop a dune buggy.

The Brazilian tag team infuse the music video with a heat that far surpasses that the single alone, rendering the production—the successor to Major Lazer’s interactive crossover dream/reality for the EP’s lead single, “Know No Better”—yet another masterfully designed visual production from the trio.

Major Lazer drops "Sua Cara" music video

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