BREAKING: Shambhala issues "pre-evacuation alert"

August 12, 2017 - Uncategorised
BREAKING: Shambhala issues "pre-evacuation alert"

An evacuation alert has been issued at , today August 12, due to rising concern the McCormick Creek wildfire and its jumping the Salmo River.

While this evacuation order area does NOT yet currently include Shambhala Music Festival and mandate for its attendees to leave the premises, the McCormick Creek Fire Evacuation Alert area has been expanded to include the Salmo River Ranch as advised by BC Wildfire.

At this time the evacuation alert is merely a notification risk in the area and not yet an order. Attendees should be aware the rising concern, remain in communication, and stay informed as an evacuation order from the area may follow an alert, although ten times an area may remain on alert for an extended period time.

Updates are set to follow on Shambhala’s blog , but until then the festival wishes for its attendees to “be safe, stay positive and dance to bring the rain!”



BREAKING: Shambhala issues "pre-evacuation alert"

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